About waterTech

When it comes to water technology, Israel is the worldwide leader, and with an ever growing global demand and need for high-quality healthy drinking water, we at Water-Tech are proud to be at the frontier, setting the world standards with ongoing development of water solutions for the world.
Water-Tech provides high-technology solutions, allowing our clients to enjoy state of the art equipment that is developed by our dedicated team of professional water-engineers.
Our services include consulting with our expert water engineers, offering our wide knowledge and years of experience in all aspects of water handling, including water improvement from various sources, including sea water, river water and wells, to the level of drinking water.
We serve clients in all spectrums; from industrial usage, through construction entrepreneurs, medical institutions and laboratories, as well as clients in the catering and food industry.


Water-Tech strives to offer the best service, to match the level of our machinery, and provide you with a tailor made solution, making sure your operation is optimally served.
All of our equipment is manufactured by the leading manufacturers all over the world, to ensure the quality we stand for. You will find all of our equipment is under strict supervision from development to deployment, perfectly meeting the most advanced world standards.
About Water-Tech International Services:
Our international clients enjoy a wide selection of technological solutions, matching their needs with the constant support and professional consultation from our leading team of expert engineers.
Amongst our technological solutions you will find:

Reverse Osmosis Systems – the preferred system in many situations such as sea-water desalination, brackish water from wells, for different industry needs.
Starting from 250 Liters per hour and up to 10,000 Liter per hour.
Combined Water Filtering Systems – offering a wide variety of solutions, with different water filtering systems integrated with different types of technologies
Water Filtering – Sand filtering, Activated carbon, Chemical disinfection or UV lamps.

Our teams of expert engineers are happy to find new and interesting challenges arriving from clients worldwide, as the need for clean water around the globe grows
We invite you to challenge our team, and find out how our high-tech solutions can provide the perfect answer to your needs.
With state of the art technology at our service, a world leading team of water engineers, and a long record of water-technology experience, we will be proud to provide you with a personally tailored solution.

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